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Wedding Swatch Service

Wedding Swatch Service

Worried about getting the right colour waistcoat, cravat, tie or hankie?  Try our Swatch Service, effectively it's free! You can choose any number of colours from our collection from £4.60 for each choice, plus postage .  We will send these to you with a stamped addressed envelope so you can return when done - When we receive them back we refund your payment in full, it's a simple as that!

For Swatch requests from outside the UK we refund the swatch when an order placed.

All swatch colours are subject to availability. Please allow at least seven working days for delivery of these items.



Please do not buy different sizes of the same item or several different items to try on and return the excess items later just because you are not sure of your size/colour as this can cause complications and delays in processing your order to your satisfaction.  For your assistance we have provided a size and ordering guide.  If you are still unsure please ask and our assistants will be able to help and guide you.


Our Pledge to you..

...If any of our products does not fit quite right just return and we will exchange it for another size or style and colour.  Moreover, we will work with you to ensure total satisfaction or your money back.  We are so confident of our service to you it has our seal of approval!

Madge Phillips - Customer Services Director - Wedding Waistcoat

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

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