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Customer Service

Our Pledge to you..

"...If any of our products does not fit quite right just return and we will exchange it for another size or style and colour.  Moreover, we will work with you to ensure total satisfaction or your money back."

Clare Kettle - Customer Services Director - Wedding Waistcoat


At Wedding Waistcoat we recognise that choosing your wedding attire is not always an easy task and that at times changes to your order may need to be made.  As such we are always happy to exchange items for a different size and even a different model type or colour.

If you are not sure of your choice you can always get swatches from our Swatch Service - essentially this a free service.  For items that we do not have swatches for we suggest you purchase one of the items to view it at your home, you can always return for a refund.

Our team are always on hand to help, if you need to check something out or discuss your potential order please call our help line for assistance.

If you need to return any items please make certain you enclose your order number so we can process your refund.

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